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Since 2018 LabHelp Robotics became the (designated) partner for PIRO® services worldwide. With a wealth of PIRO® knowledge and expertise, LabHelp Robotics is now responsible for distribution and quality management of the PIRO® robotic tips, maintenance and calibration of the pipetting heads and PIRO systems. Furthermore LabHelp Robotics has access to PIRO® parts and accessories.

The most recent addition to the PIRO® services is the possibility to rent a PIRO® pipetting robot from LabHelp Robotics! Rental is only available in the Netherlands and Belgium.



The PIRO® Liquid Handling System from DORNIER-LTS offers a versatile and flexible pipetting platform. With its reliability, precision and accuracy, PIRO sets a new standard in the molecular laboratory.

PIRO® has been developed as an open system which makes the robot extremely suitable for integration into an automated workflow.

Despite its narrow footprint, a surface of four A4 pages, up to 16 positions can be used for various racks and holders.

PIRO® can work with a wide variety of racks, plates and tubes up to a tube depth of 100 mm. Deep-well plates (including the MP96 input plate), reservoirs and blocks for passive cooling, but also unusual accessories for various real-time PCR platforms such as ABI7500, Quantstudio 5/6, Rotor-Gene, SmartCycler, Eco, LightCycler are among the opportunities.

The PIRO® specializes in Real-Time PCR setup but can also be used for other tasks such as:

  •     Standardization
  •     Serial dilutions
  •     Rearranging plate formats
  •     Cherry picking of different plates and types of material
  •     Plate duplications
  •     Creating different mixes for the same run
  •     Automatic calculation of mix quantities

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