LabHelp at the cfDNA day 2024

This year too, Labhelp will be present at the cfDNA day in Houten, Utrecht.

We will bring along some fine devices from different corners of the world: In addition to the iCatcher, our automated nucleic acid purification system from Taiwan, we would like to introduce you to the Australian duo Mic cycler and Myra liquid handler.

So please feel free to step by our booth this coming Friday, to have a look or a chat!

20240610 cfDNA vooraankond

Fontys Applied Science students as guests

Today the students of Fontys minor block MolDx2.0 were guests at LabHelp. Jeroen Poodt and Jeroen Schellekens introduced them to the world of automated liquid handling. They learned a lot about the use of various pipetting robots, such as Myra and flowbot® ONE, and during our workshop they were also able to experience for themselves how to use and program such a device.

Thank you students Fontys MolDx2.0, we really enjoyed welcoming you here at LabHelp!

20240516 Fontys students

Distributor meeting Flow Robotics

We had the most interesting times at Flow Robotics in Copenhagen last week.

They warmly welcomed us to their distributor meeting, where we were immersed in the latest developments regarding flowbot® ONE as well as some Danish (cultural and culinary) delights.

Jeroen Poodt gave a presentation about implementation of the Illumina NGS library prep on flowbot® ONE, developed by Leiden University Medical Center in cooperation with LabHelp.

You can read the nature scientific report here

Being able to share all this, and exchange knowledge and experiences with fellow distributors, added an extra dimension and positive impulse to the whole.

Thank you all!

20240423 FlowRobotics DistrMt

NVMM Scientific Spring Meeting

Reflecting on such a great time at the NVMM last week!

We had some pleasant conversations about fascinating topics and interesting ideas were shared, such as:
- the NGS library prep on the flowbot ONE of LUMC
- the flexibility and speed of the Myra liquid handler

If you have any questions left unanswered or even unasked, please feel free to contact us. We would love to keep the conversation going!

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