4th edition of the LabHelp - FlowG User Day

What an inspiring day to look back on!

The 4th edition of the LabHelp - FlowG User Day was filled to the brim with promising possibilities. We got to share some interesting thoughts, insights, new ideas, valuable knowledge and experiences.

Thank you all, visitors, speakers and sponsors:  Accuramed, CatchGene, FlowRobotics and UMCG for your presence and contributions.

And special credits to Caroline Jager who arranged for us to spar in a real ArenA this time!

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LabHelp on 5th Cell free DNA day

For the second time LabHelp has presented the iCacher at the Cell free DNA day in Houten, Utrecht (NL).

It was good to see you all at this 5th Cell free DNA day on Friday June 8th, and it was a real  pleasure to see so much interest in the iCatcher, the device of choice for automatic cfDNA/cfRNA isolation from liquid biopsy and isolation of DNA/RNA from FFPE tissue.

Follow CatchGene to stay informed on the latest developments regarding the iCatcher.

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Workshop Fontys Applied Science students @ LabHelp

Today the students of the minor block MolDx2.0 of the Fontys research group Applied Natural Sciences were guests at LabHelp. Jeroen Poodt gave a presentation about laboratory automation, and the students also got to work with the flowbot® ONE in the workshop that Jeroen Schellekens gave. They have learned a lot about pipetting robots. What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to manual pipetting, how do you program such a robot and how do you maintain such a robot.

Thanks to Jeroen Poodt and Jeroen Schellekens from LabHelp for the hospitality and educational morning.

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Visit ECCMID & Flow Robotics

Last week we travelled to Copenhagen to visit the 33rd ECCMID. We enjoyed the interesting chats and presentations, especially the one from Els Wessels regarding IVDR.
Because Flow Robotics was just around the corner, a visit to developers of the flowbot® ONE could not be missed of course. As always we mutually shared our knowledge, insights and experiences on how to keep improving the lab workflow and flowbot® ONE.
The most recent addition is their brand new sample tracking system ScanID. We got to meet - and touch - it, in real life!
Thank you all for having us, we had a wonderfull time!

Jeroen Poodt (LabHelp) and Thomas Brydensholt (Flow Robotics) with the ScanID.


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