LabHelp – looking back and ahead

Early 2020 is a good time to look back at the previous year. What kind of new developments were implemented? Which projects were launched or finalised? Do we see trends in new developments, and what will be our focus for this year? In this article you will find the answers to those questions.

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Looking back…

• One of the most successful new developments that were implemented, is the HL7 connectivity between the bioMérieux FilmArray Torch device and the FlowPOC application at the UMCG in Groningen. The previous years LabHelp mainly focused on the CSV and XML file format but being able to connect to HL7 will open a lot of possibilities for connecting Point-of-Care devices.

• Furthermore, the FlowKML project was successfully implemented at the LUMC in Leiden. Two Roche MP96 devices, 3 PIRO pipetting robots and several Biorad CFX devices were connected by our custom-made middleware. Later in the year, they enhanced their middleware with version 2 in production.

• At Rijnstate Hospital in Velp, another project went into production: a Roche MP96, 2 PIRO pipetting robots and several ABI7500 devices were connected by the FlowGO middleware.

• In Frankfurt, the connectivity with the new ABI7500 2.3 software has proven successful. Both in our PIRO-converter application as well as in their FlowF middleware.

• At the end of the year, we started the implementation of our middleware at the Isala Hospital in Zwolle. Their iFlow application will connect bioMérieux easyMag, PIRO and ABI7500.

• Last, but certainly not least, most of our customers updated their middleware to their current needs.


… and looking ahead

So what to expect in 2020? This year the focus will be on the data analysis of positive, negative and internal controls. Microvida location Bravis in Roosendaal will update their statistical module for FlowR. The same will be the case for the UMCG. Furthermore, new devices (like Seegene, ePlex and BD MAX) will be connected. Also the HL7 connectivity will be expanded. We are hoping to extend our FlowInterface application with QIAstat-Dx, cobas Liat and cobas 6800 connectivity.

And don’t forget! This year the fourth bi-annual LabHelp / UMCG FlowG user meeting will be organized. A most interesting event for anyone who is involved in lab automation, who likes to share experiences and think in possibilities and opportunities.

2020 will be another year filled to the brim with opportunities. The only limitation is your – and our – imagination. We are looking forward to connect!