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Starting from February 2019, LabHelp Robotics will be representing the Swiss company SOCOREX.
SOCOREX produces various instruments with the well-known Swiss precision for the laboratory.

The SOCOREX micropipettes, macro pipettes, electronic pipettes and dispensers are available at LabHelp Robotics. You will find all products in our online catalog.

We also distribute the high-quality SOCOREX pipette tips (Qualitix). These tips form a golden combination with the SOCOREX pipettes but are also compatible with most other pipette brands where they have excellent performance. View the overview here!


Short history

Socorex was founded in the late 1940s. Two young watchmakers had noticed that there was a need for new types of quality syringes for medical applications. The products quickly achieved international success. Looking for synergies, the company merged a few years later with another company. Renamed Socorex Isba SA, the new entity, Socorex moved to Lausanne on Lake Geneva in 1960. The growth, particularly in the laboratory area, soon forced the company from the city to its larger, expandable facility in Ecublens, home of the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and University of Lausanne (UNIL).

Products and services

The current production program includes a wide range of high-precision instruments that are used for the reliable measurement, dosing, transfer, dosing and injection of liquids in a large number of applications. Together with their accessories, manual and electronic micropipettes, multi-channel pipettes, repeater pipettes, dispensers, pipette controllers and reusable syringes form the heart of the program. Each precision instrument has its own serial number and passes strict performance management that is confirmed by an individual QC certificate. "One stop does all" is the motto of the Socorex Service Center with a worldwide repair and calibration program. The choice varies from basic maintenance to accredited calibrations of all micropipettes and dispensers according to ISO 17025 - regardless of their brand.