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LabHelp has been in contact with the Finnish company Finbiosoft for more than 6 years. On the first LabHelp users meeting they presented their "Validation Manager". An online software tool that streamlines various validations according to current CLSI guidelines. LabHelp has written various connectivity modules for Validation Manager.

In March 2019 LabHelp was approached to represent Validation Manager in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Validation Manager is used in daily practice for:

  • Validation of laboratory developed tests (LDT’s)
  • Verifying commercial instruments and assays
  • Verifying instruments after relocation inside / outside the lab or after maintenance.
  • Comparing multiple commercial / in-house assays
  • Instrument versus instrument comparison
  • Site to site comparison
  • Determine lot to lot variation
  • Precision determination (within run, between run, between day, within lab, between lab precision)
  • Comparing extraction methods

The software is ideal for standardizing your validation processes. It encourages paperless work. It saves you time and new methods can be used faster!

Since our middleware can automate the workflow and deliver the data for the various validation processes, integration of both packages is currently being considered.

If you are interested, please contact us for an appointment / demonstration!